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Historic Electoral Rolls
Albury electoral rolls 1832 - 1962
Albury History Society has collated Post Office and Kelly's Directories and Electoral Roll pages covering the period 1832 to 1961. Each Electoral Roll lists names alphabetically, along with their addresses.

Newlands Corner Auxilliary Hospital November 1915 by Percy Lloyd
This unique photograph of a WWI black nurse, 2nd left, unearthed by AHS now appears in the second edition of Black Poppies by Stephen Bourne.
Which nurse is Superintendent Agnes Suttie and can you identify any of the locals, including Bray, Botting and Coe, in this Red Cross VAD list who worked as nurses at Newlands Corner Auxilliary Hospital in 1915?

Programme of meetings and visits for 2020  Meetings are at 8 p.m. in Albury Village Hall GU5 9AD. 
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Tuesday 17 March
- CANCELLED - AGM plus Deepdene: A Landscape Rediscovered    An illustrated talk by Alex Bagnall on the history of the Deepdene Estate and its restoration.
Tuesday 21 April - CANCELLED - The Old Stones   A highly illustrated talk by Andy Burnham, including details of an antiquarian report of a possible megalithic monument in Albury.
Tuesday 19 May
- CANCELLED - The Mullins and Mayflower Story - 400th Anniversary    Kathy Atherton traces the histories of some local people who travelled to America on the Mayflower in 1620.
Tuesday 16 June
- POSTPONED - Walk: The Deepdene Trail    A guided walk through the Estate and Italianate gardens (one hilly section). Reservation essential.  
Tuesday 21 July
- POSTPONED 2021 - Visit to Great Tangley Manor    Britain's oldest continuously inhabited house, tea included, by kind permission of Anne Powell-Evans. Reservation essential.  

Tuesday 15 September
- ALBURY HALL, 8PM Tuesday 15 September.
- ONLINE two days later, 8PM Thursday 17 September.
The History of Newlands Corner    Fairyland, a hospital, soil buildings, army, airshows, Stracheys, Agatha Christie, Clough Williams-Ellis, evacuees, kindertransport and two petrol stations. An illustrated talk by Trevor Brook. Recording 107 and the script are on our media page.

Tuesday 20 October - ALBURY HALL, 8PM Tuesday 20 October.
- ONLINE following day, 8PM Wednesday 21 October.
The link to watch will be emailed to members. Visitors are welcome to the presentation (£4) or to join as members (£7 per person, £14 per family) by paying to Sort Code 30 93 74, Account 02 52 63 99. Advise particulars to and we will acknowledge.

The Origin of Place Names (Speaker unwell)
Recollections of Albury Estate by Charles Ward, from 1993, & Percy Lloyd, Albury Photographer by Retta Casbard, from 1995
   So many local stories and some wonderful old photographs in these two illustrated talks.

Tuesday 17 November Local Suffragettes    An illustrated talk by Sandy Eve on the fight for Votes for Women in the Surrey Hills. Followed by mulled wine & mince pies.

Albury History Society,, was founded in 1971 with the aims of promoting interest and research in local history. Between March and November each year we have a programme of illustrated talks and visits to places of historical interest. Honorary Secretary: Margaret Clarke, 01483 202 294,

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Scarlet pimpernel, Anagallis arvensis, Albury Heath July 1831, W H Carr collection at RHS Wisley Herbarium Common Rock Rose, Helianthemum nummularium, Albury Heath 1831, W.H. Carr collection at RHS Wisley Herbarium   Scarlet pimpernel and common rockrose are amongst a hundred specimens at RHS Wisley's Herbarium collected in 1831 on Albury Heath by W.H. Carr.

Albury Village Brief History, published 2003, Albury Parish Council Albury Village local walk along The Street, published 2003 by Albury Parish Council   In 2003 this Brief History of Albury Village was published (current version), along with A stroll along 'The Street'.

Pugin chimneys on listed houses in Albury   Wikipedia has entries on Albury, Albury Park, Farley Green, Newlands Corner, the Tillingbourne, Lawbrook or Postford Brook and Silent Pool.

Saxon church of St Peter and St Paul in Albury   The Exploring Surrey's Past article about Albury is here:

Saxon church of St Peter and St Paul in Albury Harry Merritt with the heavy Saxon Church door key, Albury, 1965 2003 close up of ancient key for Albury Saxon Church   Some history of the Saxon Old Church, Barn Church, Irvingite Catholic Apostolic Church and St Peter & St Paul is at Albury Churches: here.

St Christopher wall painting at Albury Old Church St Christopher wall painting at Albury Saxon Church 1982 detail of St Christopher on Albury Old Church wall painting   Revealed beneath plaster in 1885 and facing the unusual north door of Albury's Saxon Church is this c1480 wall painting of St Christopher.

St Peter and St Paul Church in Albury in August 1976 Northumberland Chapel in Albury dedicated 1n July 1939   Albury Church's 1939 Northumberland Chapel was designed by Guildford Cathedral architect Edward Maufe and hung with brocatelle from King George VI's coronation.

Eleven Catholic Apostolic apostles: Henry John King-Church, Henry Drummond, Henry Dalton, John Owen Tudor, Spencer Perceval, Nicholas Armb, William Dow, Francis Sitwell, Thomas Carlyle, Francis Valentine Woodhouse, John Bate Cardale Eleven apostles of Catholic Apostolic Church from Albury Chapel caretaker David Hamp Flying gold dove suspended over the font at Albury Catholic Apostolic Church   1850s photographs show eleven Apostles and the AHS talk about the Irvingite Albury Conferences, Albury and the Catholic Apostolic Church by Dr Tim Grass, is here.

Albury Saxon church plan of changes over the years Albury Old Church porch   A detailed history of Albury, from 'ald' and 'burh', and Weston Street at British History Online is here:

Domesday Book Albury Surrey   In 1066 Albury and 22 households appear in the Domesday Book. Over a dozen historic spellings of Albury in Blackheath Hundred are documented.

Old map of Albury   Several historical maps, some history and William Cobbett extracts from the University of Portsmouth's Vision of Britain Through Time are here.

Albury photographer James Edward Percy Lloyd J Lloyd Percy Lloyd Photographers Albury Post Office Albury photographer Percy Lloyd Percy Lloyd postcard of Albury Street   Albury photographer Percy Lloyd introduced postcards to Britain: penny-plain-tuppence-coloured; Lloyd's son interviewed: audio.

Old School on Albury Heath in BBC Domesday 1986   The BBC Domesday project of 1986 includes The Old School, Albury and Farley Heath, Tillingbourne Trout Farm, the Roman Temple and White Lane Farm.

Albury History Society Farley Heath Roman Temple model   AHS has this model of Farley Heath Roman Temple, Friends of the Hurtwood have a few details, while a 147 page Surrey Archaeology paper is here.

Samian bowl - Farley Green Roman Temple   The story of this Samain bowl find is in Surrey Archaeological Collections of 1932 and a 1939 summary of Farley Green Temple appeared in Nature.

A Topographical History of Surrey by E.W. Brayley   Much about 1841 Albury, the Roman site on Farley Heath and surrounding villages appears in A Topographical History of Surrey by E.W. Brayley.

Irvingite Catholic Apostolic Church in Albury Albury Surrey Trust House Drummond Arms in 1922   Seventy old photographs covering Albury, Silent Pool and Newlands Corner from 1890 are in the Francis Frith collection, here.

Newlands Corner and Albury geological map Albury Geological Trail   Bargate Stone, Hythe Sand, Gault Clay and Upper Greensand are explained in Newlands Corner - Albury Geology Trail, by Surrey RIGS.

Weston Wood Albury Bronze Age research dig in 1963 Weston Wood Albury Bronze Age burnished bowl map of finds at Albury Weston Wood excavations Joan Harding excavations at Weston Wood, Albury in 1963   Joan Harding's 1963 Bronze Age Weston Wood excavation details are here, in Surrey Archaeology and audio 023.

Albury Park Barrow table mound round barrow   Megalithic Portal lists Albury Park Mound, Weston Wood Tumulus (demolished), Albury Fishponds Stone, Tyting Farm Barrow, St Martha's Circles and Lid Well.

Albury Mill and Paper-Mold Manufactory near Guildford in Surry 1830 model of Albury Mill: James Warner executed for attempted murder and arson   AHS has this 1830 court model of Albury Mill, when James Warner was executed for attempted murder and arson in the Swing Riots; page 23 here.

Chilworth Gunpowder Mills scheduled monument map Chilworth Gunpowder Works, 1885 incorporating mills viewed from above   Scheduled monument Chilworth Gunpowder Works [video] had WW1 anti-aircraft guns and employed 600; details in Wey River and a walk by Glenys Crocker.

Albury Pigeon House pre-1979 before restoration Albury Pigeon House after 1980 restoration   Albury's unusual octagonal Tudor Pigeon House in Weston Yard (for saltpetre in gunpowder) was restored by Dr Maurice Burton, 1979-1980; talk.

Albury Carpenters Yard with Pigeon House to the north east by Alf Howick Albury carpenters workshop by Alf Howick   Albury Pigeon House in Weston Yard is visible beyond the estate Carpenters Yard and its workshops.

Henry Drummond Albury Estate Yard Plan with railroads   Henry Drummond's Plan of Farm Buildings shows a network of tram roads and turntables in Albury Estate yard, with moveable railroad tracks to the hay ricks.

Dr Maurice Burton at Albury Pigeon House on 27 June 1987 by Trevor Brook Loch Ness Elusive Monster by Dr Maurice Burton 1961 Rear of Weston House in Albury in 1975 Weston House, A picturesque home with a hint of mystery by Geoffrey Fletcher, Surrey Advertiser 26 January 1986   Maurice Burton, zoologist, Elusive Monster author and New Scientist writer dismissing Loch Ness monster claims, lived at Weston House.

Kings Bakery Albury W King and Sons Bakers and Confectioners circa 1970 Albury Village garage and petrol station circa 1910 Albury Garage and Shell petrol station circa 1970 Silent Pool   Albury had a bakery and petrol station until the 70s. Surrey Life has articles on Silent Pool, Albury Park Mansion and Albury.

Albury Tunnel beneath Silver Wood by John Evelyn inspired by Grotto of Posillipo in Naples John Evelyn Albury Park Gardens, Sleeping Beauty garden may be awakened, Surrey Advertiser July 1978   Albury Park gardens, terrace, Silver Wood tunnel inspired by the Grotto of Posillipo and 'Roman Baths' created by John Evelyn c1665 are described in London's Lost Gardens.

Portrait of John Aubrey FRS by Michael Vander Gucht Sculp Albury Park and Garden by John Aubrey 1673   John Aubrey FRS drew Albury Park and vineyard in 1673 while describing the Roman Temple, moving sand with water and listing each inscription in the Saxon Church here.

Albury Park Icehouse on OS map of 1937 Pencil and watercolour drawing of Albury Parsonage by John Hassell circa 1800   Both Albury Park and Weston House had ice houses and some watercolours of Albury by John Hassell from about 1800 are here.

Albury Park Mansion Icehouse in 2018 Albury Park Mansion Icehouse in 2018 Albury Park Mansion Icehouse in 2018 Albury Park Mansion Icehouse in 2018 Albury Park Mansion Icehouse in 2018   Albury Park Mansion's hillside icehouse had a door leading to a brick lined passage, a further door and then a ladder into a deep pit for ice and produce.

Swans, lake and vineyard in Albury circa 1645 by Wenceslaus Hollar   A lake, vineyard, swans and an arched building are depicted in a 1645 Wenceslaus Hollar print of Albury at the British Museum.

Dog Kennel Lane before New Road and Albury Park by William Clement Finch 1758-1794 Dog Kennel Lane in Albury Park Albury Green and Dog Kennel Lane in detail from Anthony Browne 1813-1898 map   Dog Kennel Lane connected Albury Heath with Albury Green until Henry Drummond constructed New Road around 1842 and enclosed the Park.

World War II Pillbox on St Martha's Hill Wartime pillbox on Albury Downs   A map of North Downs wartime GHQ Line defence pillboxes, with some design details, is at

Armoured car in Albury, 1940 Helen Lloyd's car in the river Tillingbourne on 19th April 1941   The Mass Observation diary of Helen Lloyd at Weston House describes anti-tank defences... and how her car went into the Tillingbourne.

Mathematician William Oughtred of Albury   1600s Albury rector William Oughtred, inventor of the slide rule and 'x' for multiplication, has a plaque in the Saxon Church and a biography in Geek Atlas.

Shere and Albury Volunteer Fire Brigade turn-out in the country in 1899; building plaque: S&A V.F.B 1885   British Film Institute has 1899 footage by Charles Goodwin Norton of Shere and Albury Volunteer Fire Brigade leaving the fire station in Shere on a turn-out: video.

Curious Albury by Eric H Rideout and Karin A Brown, 1980, booklet cover Drummond Arms Hotel & Brewery advertisement   Maps and details of Albury, Weston Street, Brook, Little London and Farley Heath are in the 1980 booklet Curious Albury by Rideout and Brown.

Albury Park by Helen Northumberland booklet cover The Dining Room with panels of Soho tapestry from Northumberland House Frith postcards of Albury Park Evelyn gardens   A comprehensive 1951 guide to the Park and 'gardens which, without exception, are the prettiest in England' is Albury Park by Helen Northumberland.

Montgomery Memorial cairn and Albury Trust bench on Albury Heath Montgomery Memorial Plaque on Albury Heath   Albury Trust erected Albury Heath's Field Marshal Montgomery Memorial, commemorating the review of Canadian troops in May 1944 prior to D-Day landings: audio.

Gavin Maxwell's mother's mink (not rabbit) farm at Albury Park circa 1927 Gavin Maxwell loads a harpoon for shark fishing   Country Life has old photographs of Albury, including the Chinchilla rabbit farm at Albury Park run by Gavin Maxwell's aunt, in 1927, here.

Thomas_Robert Malthus by John Linnell Principle of Population on Human Happiness by Thomas R Malthus Malthus family home Dalton Hill, Albury circa 1970 Elias Ashmole (Ashmolean Museum) by John Riley   Thomas Malthus, whose Principle of Population inspired Darwin, lived at Dalton Hill. Antiquary Elias Ashmole lived at Weston House.

Martin Tupper by Francois Theodore Rochard, 1846 Albury Rifle Club founded 1848 by Martin Farquar Tupper Combe Lane Rifle Range near Albury & Shere   Proverbial Philosophy author Martin Tupper excavated Roman remains and initiated the volunteer Albury Rifle Club in 1848.

Albury House in 1792 by Anthony Devis Hilltop mushroom hut in Albury by Man Mushroom Anthony Devis   Albury House in 1792 and hilltop hut by 'Man Mushroom' Anthony Devis, an early umbrella user, described in Martin Tupper's autobiography. Talk.

Stereograph / stereoscopic photo Martin Tupper & family at Albury House 1864 Martin Tupper Albury House c1850 by John Chaplin, 2 Leapale Road, Guildford John Chaplin Photographer, Lea Pale Road, Guildford Martin Tupper and family, Albury House 1854   1860s photographer John Chaplin of Leapale Road, Guildford, made stereoscopics and glass plates of Martin Tupper and family at Albury House.

Albury Duchess Memorial Cross for Louisa Drummond/Percy opposite Albury Church by Evelyn Hellicar Albury Memorial Cross inscription: To Louisa Duchess of Northumberland died Dec 18 1890. Buried in Westminster Abbey. This cross is raised in grateful remembrance   Evelyn Hellicar's memorial cross to Henry Drummond's daughter, Louisa Percy, Duchess of Northumberland, is opposite the church of St Peter and St Paul.

Albury Memorial Library, Albury Street, beside Albury Hall in 1975 PARISH OF ALBURY. THE OFFICERS AND MEN WHO SERVED IN THE GREAT WAR. 1914-1919. PARISH OF ALBURY. THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO SERVED IN THE GREAT WAR. 1939-1945.   Albury Memorial Library was built after WW2, while church WW1 and WW2 war memorials, lists of names and biographies are at They Gave Their Today.

Image of thick file: Men of Albury fallen in the First World War Men of Albury fallen in the First World War open in the middle   Details of memorials, service, honours, families and photographs of those who lost their lives in WW1, including the Albury War Memorial dedication service, are here.

WWI soldier Gilbert Bellinger mounted on horse with sword Gilbert Bellinger formal photograph Woodside, Albury Heath, in 1976. Once home of artist Gerald Metcalfe. Gerald Metcalfe design for Albury Church World War One Memorial Albury Church World War One Memorial   Somme survivor Gilbert Bellinger of Little London and Brook was model for Gerald Metcalfe of Woodside for his watercolour and Albury's First World War memorial.

Albury Silver Band / Albury Brass Band in 1907   The thriving Albury Brass Band or Silver Band, here in 1907, had over 25 members and was active until the First World War.

J Lloyd Albury Post Office clock now in the Village Hall The Old Post Office in Albury Street Albury Village Hall in 1975   Lloyd's clock from the Albury Old Post Office now displays alongside panels of war dead inside the Village Hall, in The Street.

The Forge, Albury, where the Post Office van was garaged overnight Albury Post Office circa 1956 Albury old Post Office at Weston Dene Les Quantrill and Bob Royal Mail Albury Sorting Office in 1990 Pratt's Stores, Albury, circa 1980   Royal Mail's van was garaged in the Forge and Albury Post Office progressively moved along the Street to Pratt's Stores.

425 Dorking bus crashes into Albury Village Hall in January 1982   Originally Albury National School, from 1833 to 1894, some improvement works took place after a Dorking-bound bus crashed into the Village Hall in January 1982.

The signpost, tea gardens and people at Newlands Corner in 1935 The RAC officer and hut at Newlands Corner in 1935 The Tea Gardens at Newlands Corner Entrance, Newlands Corner Car Park, Petrol, Fee 6d sign in 1935   In 1935 Newlands Corner, named Fairyland around its ancient yews, had an RAC box at the top of The Sweeps, tea gardens, 6d car park fee and petrol.

The Sweeps, Ascent to Newlands Corner from Silent Pool Harrowhill Copse/Harrow Hill/White Cottage bungalow at Newlands Corner by Clough Williams-Ellis for John St Loe Strachey. c1975, seemingly rebuilt in brick J St Loe Strachey cottage of clay at Newlands Corner from Horbury newspaper A Pisé Example Revival of an Old Method, bungalow at Newlands Corner by Clough Williams-Ellis: Architectural Design Compilation, 1926   Clough Williams-Ellis designed a pisé bungalow at Newlands Corner, built with rammed earth for £101 in 1919, and Albury Park's Half Moon Pond.

An Old World Garden at Newlands Corner Hotel Library at Newlands Corner Hotel circa 1930 The colonnade at Newlands Corner Hotel Newlands Corner Hotel around 1979   Newlands Corner Hotel, now Manor House Hotel, had an old world garden, library and striking colonnade.

British Hospitals' Air Pageant Newlands Corner 29 April 1933 Surrey Times Surrey Air Ambulance Harrow Hill Newlands Corner 29 April 1933 Surrey Times Newlands Corner Jubilee Air Display 22 April 1935 at Harrow Hill Tom Campbell Black's Avro 540 at Harrow Hill Farm Newlands Corner 22 April 1935   Air displays at Newlands Corner attracted 15,000 in 1933 and 1935 while on White Lane the RAF had Merrow Flying Field during WW2.

Stapledown House, Shere, March 1984 Stapledown, Staple Lane in August 1986 Hut studio theatre at Staplehurst, Shere, March 1984 Hut studio theatre, Staple Lane, Shere/Clandon, March 1984   In the 1930s Clough Williams-Ellis did designs at nearby Stapledown, with its Hut studio theatre, where Charles Laughton and Elsa Lanchester lived.

The Way We Were by Toni Morrison cover   Operation Pied Piper evacuees from St Michael's School in Southfields were billeted with Mrs Amy Strachey at Harrowhill Copse, described in The Way We Were by Toni Savage.

Concrete Dew Pond on old Drove Road, North Downs Way, Combe Lane Map of concrete dew pond on North Downs Way, Combe Lane, Shere   This concrete dew pond, beside Combe Lane, provided water for livestock following the North Downs Way Drove Road or after ascending Combe Bottom.

1935 Albury Womens Institute screen designed by Miss Joan Drew, framework by Lady Eustace Percy: Albury in 1899 with cab and governess cart; The Old Church A.D.1000 Rejoicings in 1815; Tillingbourne Flower Show in 1875, Founded 1860; Brook Farm in 1890 with water wheel. NFWI Horticultural Hall Exhibition Gold Star 100%   In 1935, 36 Albury WI members embroidered a screen depicting a cab, governess cart, Tillingbourne Flower Show and Brook Farm in 1890 with an undershot waterwheel.

Percy Lloyd 1879 postcard of Albury Old Mill. Police drained the waters in 1926 searching for Agatha Christie after her abandoned car was found at the chalk quarry up Water Lane, towards Newlands Corner Belshaw Ltd 1912 electricity generator at Albury Old Mill, engineer Herbert Howick   The estate generated electricity at Albury Old Mill, using the miller's old turbine and the flow of the Tillingbourne, described by Alf Howick: audio 040.

Police search the head race at Albury Old Mill after Agatha Christie's disappearance 1,000 police and 15,000 volunteers searched around Newlands Corner for Agatha Christie in December 1926 after her car was found abandoned near Water Lane chalk pit. This is a volunteer or police vehicle Searchers for Agatha Christie relax for lunch at Newlands Corner   The Mill was dredged in 1926 as police and volunteers sought Agatha Christie after her car was abandoned by Water Lane chalk pit.

SIHG Study of Albury Estate Water Supply Water Pump at Vale End, Albury Poncelet water wheel at Vale End pumping station, Albury   SIHG won 2007's Margery Award researching Vale End pumping station's unusual Poncelet waterwheel which filled a reservoir up Albury Warren.

New Road Pump House Albury New Road Pump House bevel gears Albury New Road Pump House interior Albury water pipe network and pump locations   Park Gate pumping station at the bottom of New Lane fed water from the Tillingbourne to Albury Park and occasionally for the village; audio 106

The Paddlecombs, Albury, Surrey c1912 The Padlecombs in Albury circa 1912 The Paddlecombs in Albury, 2017   Albury boasts a unique word: Paddlecombs is the area at the summit of the Warren, rising from the village, and once the path to school.

Trees at Albury Park by R. Charles Walmsley FRICS, 1973 Home Farm Buildings, Turbine, Howard Water Course and works by Green & Carter The Tillingbourne River Story, Shere, Gomshall & Peaslake Local History Society, 1984   Booklets list Trees at Albury Park, with an 1880 water turbine, mills and waterways in Home Farm Buildings and The Tillingbourne River Story.

Map of Albury Brick Field brickworks and kiln in 1873 Albury Brickworks Cottage circa 1979   A brickworks and cottage for the worker attending the firing kiln existed beside Weston Wood and the A25.

Horses hauling tree trunks in Albury by Alf Howick Old photograph of Albury Sawmill with traction engines and steam power Albury Sawmill Albury Sawmill abandoned by Alf Howick   Until 1988 there was a sawmill by Albury Brick Field, shown with steam power for the machines and later, abandoned.

Albury Police House 1867 with Inspector Robert Parker and family.jpg Wood Lodge circa 1980, the old Albury Police House   Albury Police House, now Wood Lodge, was on Sherbourne. Inspector Robert Parker and family were photographed there in 1867.

Boat House on Postford Pond Albury in 1871 Route of new Chilworth Road Albury marked on map Ordnance Survey map Albury 1895   A Boat House and the greater part of Postford Pond were lost when new Chilworth Road bypassed Mill Lane in the 1880s.

Chilworth to Gomshall and Shere bypass road plan, Surrey Advertiser 22 July 1939   War stopped a 1939 Chilworth to Gomshall and Shere bypass road passing through 'open country' of Blackheath, Farley Heath, Brook, Shere Heath and Burrows Lea.

Albury Heath Post Office circa 1900 Post Office Albury Heath circa 1900 The Bungalow on Albury Heath, previously Post Office circa 1980 Albury Heath Old Post Office in May 1988   Albury Heath had its own post office at Park Corner, the junction of Sandy Lane, Park Lane and New Road.

Albury Workhouse and Little London School on Lt. Malden's map circa 1825 Heath Lodge circa 1980 was Albury Workhouse 1732 to 1836 Auction poster for Albury Workhouse closure i 1836   Near Little London School, Albury Workhouse (now Heath Lodge) in Park Road, with attached brewhouse, was built in 1732 for 12 paupers and closed in 1836 with an auction.

33 men outside William 4th pub, Little London, Albury, c1900. Licensee: Mercer William The Fourth, Little London, Albury Heath, Proprietor Mark Lee William IVth public house in Little London, once the Garibaldi, in 1975 The Garibaldi pub in Little London, 1873, now William IVth   Little London's William IVth was The Garibaldi till c1875, after the Italian patriot given Freedom of the City of London in 1864.

Garibaldi Inn inquest into death of farm worker and two horses by lightning strike at Dilton Farm in 1867   The 1867 inquest into death by lightning strike of a farm worker and two horses at Dilton Farm, Farley Green, was held at the Garibaldi Inn.

Charabank trip from William IV, Little London, Albury to Southsea in 1928   In 1928, at a maximum speed marked on the charabanc of 12 miles per hour, some two dozen people enjoyed a day trip from the William IVth to Southsea.

William IV, Little London, Tuck Postcard BROK.10, Courage Beer, teas, bed, breakfast, garage, postbox, circa 1925   With signs for Courage beer and Black Cat, the William IVth had a postbox and offered Teas, Wines, Spirits, Bed and Breakfast and a Garage.

Families at Holt's Store, Brook, Hill, Albury - Farley Green Holt's Shop Brook Hill Albury circa 1910 Cottage and Brook Stores Holt's Shop at Brook Holt's Shop Brook and wall cut-out for Aladdin Pink Paraffin pump   Holt's Store and post office on Brook Hill, between Farley Green and Albury, delivered milk, had an Aladdin Pink Paraffin pump and operated until the late 1970s.

Brook Farm barn, looking south Brook Farm in Albury water wheel from Lawbrook Bridge parapet Brook Farm barn, sluice gate and water wheel   The mill pond area is visible but by the early 1900s Brook Farm barn's sluice gates and water wheel had fallen into disuse.

Looking from Brook Hill onto Brook, 1939 Frith postcard Brook with Brook Lodge up the hill 1939 Frith postcard Brook, looking east across Lawbrook stream to Holt's shop   White painted Brook Lodge guest house dominated Brook in 1939, looking over Brook Farm, Lawbrook stream and Holt's shop.

Watercress beds at Ford Farm on Albury Heath in 1975   From 1854, watercress beds, including Postford and these at Ford Farm, grew 400 tons a year along Law Brook and the Tillingbourne; more.

Chilworth and Albury Station with steam engine passing in 1936 1950s Sugar Puffs advert at Chilworth and Albury Station with porter signalman Henry Dowling. More:   Chilworth and Albury Station with porter signalman Henry Dowling featured in this 1950s Sugar Puffs advertisement.

Brook crossing on Albury Heath with Brook Lodge Guest House beyond Catch Points sign from Brook Crossing in Albury found on embankment by Dan Brown Brook Crossing Box on 5th November 1955 South Eastern & Chatham Railway sign from Chilworth & Albury Station found in pond by Dan Brown   Brook Crossing had catch points and a wooden Box while South Eastern Railway operated Chilworth and Albury Station.

North Downs Line 1800s Portsmouth extension plan James Wyld 1874 map of Guildford & Reigate Railway Portsmouth link:   A Portsmouth extension to the Guildford and Reigate Railway was mooted in the mid 1800s, running from Little London, across Brook Hill and through Blackheath.

Lockner near Chilworth North Downs Line memorial topiary pheasant Jessie's Seat for guard Henry Wicks and soldiers killed in 1892; aka 'The Chilworth Chicken' Jessie's Seat memorial to 4 March 1892 guard Henry Wicks aka Chilworth Chicken Chilworth & Albury Station circa 1960 Jessie's Seat, Henry Wicks memorial at Lockner, Chilworth, commemoration train 29 February 2020 by Jonathan Cross   Jessie's Seat, a topiary pheasant at Lockner, marks the 1892 death of guard Henry Wicks. North Downs Line history by Alan Edwards is here.

Bottings Mill at Albury C A Botting and Sons Ltd Albury Mill GU5 9AA business card C A Boting andSons Albury Flour Mill model   Bottings Flour Mill in Mill Lane, 1911-1990, is described in Milling in Albury and also appears in videos VTS 01 1, VTS 01 2 and audio 082.

Model of Bottings Mill in Albury Old Botting Mill turbine at Tillingbourne Trout Farm Botting and Sons Albury Mill Dennis lorry Phone 8 Shere, Registration ?FU 2043 C A Botting Bakers' Confectioners' Gold Medal 1939, Royal Agricultural Hall, London   C A Botting and Sons had a large turbine, a Dennis lorry and won wheat flour awards at the Bakers', Confectioners' and Allied Traders' International Exhibition.

Tillingbourne Trout Farm at Albury Mill c1985 Fishy Tale Tillingbourne Trout Farm Surrey Advertiser 1978 Nameboard of Tillingbourne Trout at Albury Mill Valley of Rainbows Tillingbourne Trout Farm Surrey Advertiser   Using the flowing river water and with eight large tanks, Tillingbourne Trout Farm was beside Bottings Mill, 1977-1990.

Turk postcard BROK.06 of August Lane, Farley Green circa 1925 Greenacres, Farley Green in August 1976   This Tuck postcard, looking east from August Lane towards the postbox across Farley Green, shows Teas available at Greenacres.

Farley Green A Surrey Summer's Evening in August 1934 by Norman Hughes.jpg 88904 Frith postcard of Farley Green in 1939 with Tillingbourne Bus and piles of road chippings 88904 Frith postcard of Farley Green 1939 Tillingbourne bus detail F190004 Frith postcard of Farley Green c1950 T.S. BRK.4   Norman Hughes photographed Farley Green Farm beyond grazing sheep, while cows, piles of road chippings and a Tillingbourne Bus appear in 1939.

Pre war bell tents at Treetops Holiday Camp, Farley Green Treetops Winterfold Holidays brochure 1928 Chalets at Treetops Holiday Camp Farley Green c1955 Treetops Holiday Camp owners house at Farley Green circa 1983 Swimming pool in the woods at Treetops Holiday Camp Farley Green with man in bra circa 1935 Tennis court at Treetops Holiday Camp Farley Green with ballet dancers c1935   From 1925 using bell tents, Farley Green's first holiday camp, Treetops, had 30 cabins, woodland swimming pool and a tennis court.

Treetops Holiday Camp Farley Green row of chalets 1950s Treetops Farley Green Holiday Camp chalets by the croquet green c1959 Swimming pool and waterfall at Treetops Holiday Camp, Albury 1940s horse riding near Treetops, Farley Green Chalets at Treetops Holiday Camp Farley Green circa 1950 Chalets and tennis court at Treetops Holiday Camp, Farley Green, Albury   Also with croquet and golf greens, dining room, swing, see-saw and nearby horse riding, more chalets appeared at Treetops.

Greetings from Treetops Holiday Camp near Guildford, Frith postcard GLD119 circa 1955 Greetings From Treetops poscard by Ken Fensom of Shere Treetops Holiday Camp in the heart of the Surrey pine hills, small brochure Treetops Holiday Camp in the heart of the Surrey pine hills, large brochure Railway carriages accomodation at Treetops Holiday Camp Farley Green Treetops Farley Green Holiday Camp railway carriages and tennis court   Treetops postcards and brochures were produced and disused railway carriages added for more accomodation.

Czech Sudeten refugees from Nazi takeover building chalets at Surrey Hills Surrey Hills Guest House Holiday Resort postcard Czech Sudeten refugee cook Brook Lodge ex carriage then schoolhouse, Albury Heath c1980   In 1938, supported by Rev. Philip Gray, over 100 Sudeten Czech refugees from the Nazi takeover built chalets at Surrey Hills and had a school at Brook Lodge: audio 105.

Gerhard Hofner in Bavarian outfit aged 3 One of the Lucky Ones by Gerhard Hofner cover Brook Lodge Red Falcon Scouts 1939, Gerhard Hofner fifth from left Brook Lodge School, Albury Heath postcard   Refugee Gerhard Höfner published his account of coming to Albury, the Red Falcon Scouts and Brook Lodge School, in One of the Lucky Ones.

Margarita/Greta/Gretl Jelinek Greta's Story, Sudeten refugees Brook Lodge group Marie Jelinek and Theodor Jelinek or Jalinek   Greta Jelinek's account of her family's flight from Czechoslovakia to the beautiful grounds of Brook Lodge on Albury Heath is in Greta's Story.

Table discovered in 2019 made by Sudeten refugees at Surrey Hills, Albury Sudeten refugee table made 17 March 1939 found in Upham, Hampshire Surrey Hills table made by Sudeten refugees 17 March 1939   In 2019 this table emerged in Upham, Hampshire: "Sudeten German Refugees/works for the comrads in/Surrey Hills/Thomas Haberkorn-Heinrich Wirnitzer/Henry Weisbach/17th March 1939".

Naturist/nudist Surrey Downs Sun Club logo and welcome sign at Edgeley Park, Farley Green in 1995 Swimming pool at nauturist/nudist Surrey Downs Sun Club, Edgeley Park, Farley Green, Albury in 1995 Bildormarian and other chalets at naturist/nudist Surrey Downs Sun Club, Edgeley Park, Farley Green in 1995 Edgeley Park holiday camp house in August 1976   From 1941 to 2011 the naturist Surrey Downs Sun Club had a clubhouse, swimming pool and chalets at Edgeley Egg Farm/Edgeley Park in Farley Green.

Hurtwood Gypsy School postcard Harold G Bailey c1926, Master Mr A R Milner Wicket's Well, Hurtwood Gypsy School With No Truants, Daily Express 12 January 1926 Hurtwood First School For Gypsies, Daily Express, 12 January 1926 Near Wicket's Well on Winterfold in the Hurtwood Hurtwood gypsy camp   The first in the country, Hurtwood Gypsy School, 1926-1933, served families living in a camp around Wicket's Well.

JCC Half Day Trial Hurtwood Hill March 1930 JCC Half Day Trial Hurtwood Hill March 1930   Following on from cycle tours in earlier years, in the 1930s the Junior Car Club, JCC, ran competitive car rallies through the steep lanes of Hurtwood/Winterfold.

Winterfold Heath Forest postcard 1910 Farley Heath, Surrey, Farley Green, postcard 1906 Picnic: July 1917 by Rose McCaulay Hurt berry plants amongst pines in Winterfold Hurtwood Hurt berries   Rose McCaulay ate hurts in the Hurtwood pines and heard mortar shells from the Western Front in France in Picnic: July 1917.

Hurtwood Control ranger Robert Ware saw the Surrey Puma   About The Hurtwood of 1991 documents 1970s stories of the Surrey Puma, spotted a dozen times by the ranger, Bob Ware. Albury's Dr Maurice Burton remained unconvinced.

St Martha's Church is floodlit over Christmas, Tyting Society St. Martha's camouflaged by branches of trees in 1914 to prevent it's being a landmark to enemy Zeppelins. World War I camoflagued St Martha's Church   Albury Estate workers covered St Martha's Church with fir tree camouflage during the First World War to stop its use as a landmark by Zeppelins.

Martha's Hill ruin in 1763 drawn by Francis Grose and engraved by R.B. Godfrey St Martha's Chapel in 1819 in Antiquarian and Topographical Cabinet John Chaplin of Guildford glass plate of St Martha's Chapel Ruins circa 1860   Long a ruin after a 1745 gunpowder explosion, St Martha's, on Martyr's Hill, was once owned by Newark Priory. Histories here and here.

St Martin's Church in Blackheath with Anna Lea Merritt murals Anna Lea Merritt by Frederick Hollyer, 1886 Window in loving memory of asbestos manufacturer John Bell in St Martin's Church, Blackheath   St Martin's, Blackheath, by Charles Townsend has unique Anna Lea Merritt murals, described by Olive Maggs, and a window to asbestos maker John Bell of Lockner.

Shere and District Rural Preservation Society SDRPS leaflet cover The Story Of Merrow Downs And St Martha's Chapel   From 1931, Shere and District Rural Preservation Society published leaflets: Farley Heath & Roman Temple; Merrow Downs & St Martha's Chapel; Stephen Langton & Silent Pool.

The Tillingbourne Valley an illustrated map by John Flower, 1986 version   Cartographer John Flower of Farley Green created his first illustrated map of The Tillingbourne Valley in 1986, PDF, followed by the 1993 edition.

Along the Pilgrims' Way Illustrated Map - Winchester, Alton, Farnham, Guildford, Reigate, Maidstone, Canterbury by John Flower ISBN 0-9533158-0-0   Along the Pilgrims' Way Illustrated Map - Winchester, Alton, Farnham, Guildford, Reigate, Maidstone, Canterbury was created by John Flower in 1998, here.

Barn Tea Rooms at Newlands Corner c1975 Silent Pool Cottage Tea Room and the Shere Bypass, Albury c1975 Ponds Cottages, Little London c1975   Newdigate Burne, Angel-in-Charge at Albury Catholic Apostolic Church, wrote in 1897 parish magazines of road changes and the coming of railways, here.

Social History of the Parish of Albury document   The 2011 four page Social History of the Parish of Albury over the past 40 years, by Albury History Society, is here.

1939 census of Albury   1939 census pages covering every property in Brook, Farley Green and Albury are collected together here with an index here.

1950 Electoral Roll of Albury's 891 voters   From 18 in 1832 to 888 in 1961, Albury's voters, listed alphabetically with their addresses, are recorded in the Electoral Rolls here.

Albury millennium Son et Lumiere programe and ticket Cast of Albury Son et Lumiere: Penelope, Keith James Bolam, Kate O'Mara   A Millennium Celebration, one thousand years in the life of Albury Son et Lumière was staged on the lawns of Albury Park Mansion in 2000. Script.

15th century Shophouse Farm, Farley Green in 1970 Dendrochronolgy tree rings at Grange Cottage, Albury circa 1515 Meadow Cottage, Albury in 1970   Tree ring dendrochronology helps Domestic Buildings Research Group give building dates for Albury, Brook and Farley Green.

Weston Yard in Albury Conservation Area publication by Guildford Borough Council 1989   The Albury Conservation Area map and illustrated brochure produced by Guildford Borough Council in 1989 is here.

Albury Parish Council logo   Albury Parish Council has a brief history of Albury here. Albury St Peter And St Paul Parish Records, 1559-1981, are here.

Tillingbourne Tales Heritage Lottery Fund HLF Project map   Albury was included in 2016's Tales & Trails of the Tillingbourne Valley HLF Project, researching a unique industrial past which stamped its character on communities.

Over the years Albury History Society has built up an extensive archive of historical material going back to the 16th Century, which is housed at the Surrey History Centre in Woking. These records have been catalogued, 8261 and 8261ADD, and are available to visitors for research or general interest. Their National Archives record is here:

A searchable index of Albury History Society slides, photographs and talk scripts is here.

Around 100 Albury History Society audio and video recordings, from 1947 onwards, are here.

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